"Plus" series machines: +30% to the performance!

"Plus" series machines: +30% to the performance!

The most anticipated upgrade of the welding WP and WL series – machines of new generation, created to get more value from equipment for the production of welded mesh.

WP Plus

After many tests, including analysis of our customers' requests we have created welding machines of WP Plus series. "Plus" machine takes into account the most modern requirements for speed and quality of welding, and also used the experience in industrial design of European models. When designing, we optimized the developing cost of new WP Plus series in order to compete with Italian, German and Austrian counterparts of semi-automatic machines in this segment. The advantageous idea of WP Plus machines lies in guarantee the level of equipment and power comparable to European ones, but at a reasonable price for the Russian customers.

1. WP Plus machine has a significant redesign of the bunker for cross wire, which allows to increase up to 30% of feed speed of transverse rods.

2. Increased capacity of servo pulling mechanism for the dynamics growth and high speed moving out a ready mesh.

3. Enhanced design of the main frame of the welding machine has at the same time increased resistance to vibration, allowing to work in conditions of high intensity with the growth of ready mesh output in 1.5 times.

WL Plus

A new generation of high-speed automatic WL Plus machines provide up to 120 welds per minute at the output, and the same time the speed of the basic machine WL has increased up to 90 welds! Key factors in the acceleration can be considered as follows as the increased capacity of the servo for the side feeder (up to 15 KW) and line feeder (up to 11 KW), a new wire loop cumulative unit for the longitudinal wire, while the machine is connected via sensors to control the synchronization of the equipment units.

WL Plus consists of:

  • Uncoiler Coil holders, 40 PCs.
  • Guiding system for longitudinal wire
  • Pre-unwinding longitudinal wire module
  • Wire loop cumulative module 
  • Longitudinal wire feed servo module
  • Welding unit
  • Side wire feeder (servo) with a loop cumulative unit
  • Hydraulic mesh scissors
  • Stacking unit
  • Drive roller conveyor to mesh stacking

Complete set of supplied equipment includes system of protective fencing with alarm sensors for security personnel. WL Plus equipped with the components of leading world manufacturers: Festo pneumatic (Germany), Hiwin linear guides and gear rack (Taiwan), Asahi bearing  (Japan) or NSK (Europe), Tramec gearbox (Italy), Omron  electronics and servo(Japan).

All operations and changeover of the machine is made by the control panel for a few minutes, allowing to save time while working on the production of a finished mesh in an industrial scale. The machine is equipped with a remote control that allows the operator to perform all operations to ensure the operation of the machine (recharging coils, cleaning of packs of ready-made mesh, etc.) without stopping the machine.

Besides the increased line efficiency, one of the main advantages of WL Plus to previous WL machines and other Russian producers is overall reliability of the units. We have achieved that by the mechanisms with the necessary reserve of strength and power correctly calculated the cross-section of the power circuit and cooling of the welding system. A new generation of high-speed automatic WL Plus machines will allow you to save on future maintenance of the line!